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For those interested, my book Love Train is available as a free download today on  Get your copy now!


Another 5-star review for my book, Love Train!

I’m pleased to report another 5-star review for my action-adventure spoof, Love Train.  Check out the review here, and thanks for reading.

Latest review of Love Train: 5 stars!

Pleased to find another 5-star review of my hit book, Love Train:

Love Train is unlike any other book I have read. I found myself immediately smiling and enjoying the outrageous escapades, impossible situations, and the author’s sense of humor. Treat yourself to a light, easy read and be pleasantly entertained!

Thanks for reading!


Another 5-star review for Love Train!

Was very happy to see my third five star review for Love Train:

One of the funniest spoofs I’ve ever read. The dialogue recalls the fast-paced wit of Douglas Addams. Kris Wampler’s novel parodies just about every action cliche you can think of. It’s hysterical.

I agree!

5 star review for my book, Love Train

Last week I received a positive review from one of my readers, Patricia Porco, whose site allows indie authors to have their books listed for others to find.  Patricia wrote:

This spoof of action-adventure novels, in the tradition of the Airplane and Naked Gun movies, would have been another perfect vehicle for Leslie Nielsen. Suspend your disbelief and get ready for a crazy adventure featuring the nuttiest characters and situations imaginable. A great read and a great time.

It’s great seeing my book garner this sort of response.  Thanks Patricia!