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My book, Love Train, will be available as a free download on October 17:

In a style his own, author Kris Wampler introduces this fast-paced and hilarious send up of the action-adventure genre.

When he boarded the 10:45 train, Vic Steelbrass had just one mission: learn PowerPoint by the time he reached New York. But when Anastasia Romanov walked into his life, fate handed him a different mission. Suddenly, he has to seduce a beautiful Russian, foil a madman’s bomb plot, AND learn PowerPoint. With countless – or at least more than a few – lives on the line, Steelbrass must prove love is worth believing in…and kill a whole lot of bad guys in the process. He woke that morning as just your average, ex-millionaire, alligator-wrestling, skydiving businessman. But his life would be forever changed when he bought a ticket on…the LOVE TRAIN!

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Love Train available today for free on!

For those interested, my book Love Train is available as a free download today on  Get your copy now!

Love Train now available on the Nook

Love Train is now available for sale on the Barnes & Noble Nook!

Available here.


Another 5-star review for my book, Love Train!

I’m pleased to report another 5-star review for my action-adventure spoof, Love Train.  Check out the review here, and thanks for reading.

Latest review of Love Train: 5 stars!

Pleased to find another 5-star review of my hit book, Love Train:

Love Train is unlike any other book I have read. I found myself immediately smiling and enjoying the outrageous escapades, impossible situations, and the author’s sense of humor. Treat yourself to a light, easy read and be pleasantly entertained!

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Read Love Train for free with Amazon Prime!

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve enrolled in the KDP Select program which allows Amazon Prime members to check out and read my book, Love Train, for free!

That’s right, if you’re looking for the greatest spoof of the action-adventure genre, complete with unnecessary puns and plenty of fight scenes, go and check out Love Train now!  It has an average rating of 5 stars and is certainly a fun read.

I hope you enjoy, and I know you will!

Another 5-star review for Love Train!

Was very happy to see my third five star review for Love Train:

One of the funniest spoofs I’ve ever read. The dialogue recalls the fast-paced wit of Douglas Addams. Kris Wampler’s novel parodies just about every action cliche you can think of. It’s hysterical.

I agree!